About School Library System


    What is the School Library System?

    In 1984 the New York State Legislature established School Library Systems. Currently 40 School Library Systems exist around the state. The systems are based within each BOCES and the five Big City School Districts. School Library System is a state funded program providing a variety of resources for the school library and the school librarian. Funding comes from the library component of the New York State budget. Resources available from the School Library System include system wide databases, and regional resource sharing for all member libraries.

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    Who can be a member of the School Library System?

    The School Library System at Eastern Suffolk BOCES includes 51 school districts, 230 public school library media centers, 13 nonpublic school library media centers for a total of 243. There are 13 members of Council and 51 liaisons. The Council provides policy advice to the School Library System Director. The liaisons serve as the communication link with the local school library media specialists in the districts.
    Graph showing grade level breakdown of component districts

    What is the function of the School Library System?

    It is the function of the School Library System to develop and maintain a union catalog, provide interlibrary loan, continue professional development for library media specialists, communicate professional concerns through newsletters, faxes, email, and liaison meetings, and support cooperative collection development and electronic databases.

    At Eastern Suffolk BOCES Co-Ser 516 Library Services/Media is a shared service for the purchase and use of online databases to the students, teachers and librarians in each of the participating buildings. The Virtual Reference Collection (VRC) is a selection of databases and special software that permits the user to log in with the same password for each of the different databases, and then continue to search moving from one to another. This access is available from the building site and home. Video streaming services that are appropriate for grades K-12 are available as a Supplemental purchase and are added onto the members VRC page.

    Library Automation Co-Ser 508 assists districts in automating the library collection so students and staff can easily access information electronically. The automation systems from Media Flex, Inc. (OPALS) and Follett (Destiny) are supported. User group meetings are held to keep the participants updated on the features of the system software.