Meredith Lascala

Meredith Lascala

I am CTE

Business and Industry Partner Meredith Lascala, Engage Life Director at Atria Senior Living


For Meredith Lascala, engage life director at Atria Senior Living, the benefit of having interns from the Islip Career Center (ICC) goes far beyond career development – it makes her residents happy too. “Our residents just look for companionship and the students are really open to that. If a student finishes their tasks, they’re encouraged to meet with the residents. You can see if someone is having a bad morning, just a conversation can turn their day around.”


Students who study Health Related Occupations at ICC learn the skills needed to work in health related centers such as Atria Senior Living. The internship gives them opportunities to work in different parts of the center, from helping in the kitchen, to maintaining common areas and assisting in recreational activities. The variety of tasks help the students prepare for careers after graduation, where professionalism and flexibility are attributes of success.

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