John Vaughan

John Vaughan


Business and Industry Partner John Vaughan, Owner of Bayport Auto Body of L.I., Inc.


John Vaughan,  owner of Bayport Auto Body of L.I., Inc., has been working with students from the Islip Career Center (ICC) every year for the past five years. Students in the Auto Body Repair and Refinishing Program intern at the shop to get practical experience in the auto body industry. “We’ll teach them everything we know,” John said. ”The students will prep cars for paint, they’ll tape up windows, and sand primer. As they stay here longer, they’ll eventually learn how to do basic body work, like repairing small dents. You don’t want them to get bored or disinterested, so we make sure we are constantly teaching them new things.”


Through his years of working with students, John’s been impressed by the work ethic of the interns who join him in the shop. “These students are good, hard workers that want to learn,” he said. “They don’t come here and goof off, they’re always looking for something to do. With that drive, I wouldn’t ever worry about hiring a student from ICC.”

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