Winter, Debra

Debra Winter is currently the Superintendent for Springs School. She has thirty years’ experience in special education including teaching special education, followed by eight years as a Director of Pupil Personnel. She spent sixteen years as the assistant superintendent for Student and Community Services for Longwood School District. She oversaw special education, technology, CTE, fine arts, grants, student attendance, civil rights, homeless, special programs such as PBIS, and Dignity Act. Ms. Winter is in her 14th year as the facilitator for special education administrators or aspiring administrators. She is always willing to share her knowledge on special education. She is dedicated to not only ensuring the success of her students but of administrators that serve them. School Administrators especially special education administrators often find themselves faced with challenges with very little past experience in a situation. The collegial circle permits a safe place to share ideas, confirm the vision is correct, and receive much needed support. The focus is on special education but in her new role as superintendent of schools she is encouraging aspiring administrators to join this group where they will focus on their own career paths.


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