BCCI Progressions: Guide to Academic and Linguistic Demands - Introduction


Introduction to BCCI Progressions: Guide to Academic and Linguistic Demands


It is with great pleasure that we share with you a series of publications that our Long Island RBE-RN staff has developed, entitled Bilingual Common Core Initiative Language Arts Progressions: Guide to Academic and Linguistic Demands. Each publication compiles information on the NYS Common Core Learning Standards (NYS CCLS) and incorporates linguistic demands from the Bilingual Common Core Initiative (BCCI) Progression documents. The Guides have been organized and published, as follows:

  1. Reading Standards for Information – K to 12
  2. Reading Standards for Literature – K to 12
  3. Writing Standards – K to 12
  4. Speaking and Listening – K-12


The information presented in these Guides was taken directly from the NYS Common Core Learning Standards and from the BCCI Progression documents available on the EngageNY website at: http://www.engageny.org/resource/new-york-state-bilingual-common-core-initiative. These Guides are not intended to replace the BCCI Progression documents; rather they are designed to be ancillary resources to help teachers quickly identify the grade-level NYS Common Core Learning Standards, as well as the academic and linguistic demands targeted for instruction in the BCCI Progressions. The documents are intended to assist ESOL and Bilingual teachers in incorporating both the NYS CCLS and BCCI Progressions into instruction, to assist ESOL teachers in collaborative planning with their ELA Co-Teachers, as well as to be used as a tool in professional development for content area teachers.


As stated in the NYSED Blueprint for English Language Learners’ (ELLs’) Success, “All teachers are teachers of English Language Learners and need to plan accordingly,” we believe that these documents can be a valuable resource in planning instruction that is grade-appropriate, academically rigorous, and aligned with the New York State Common Core Learning Standards.


These documents were the result of many hours of arduous teamwork here at the Long Island RBE-RN. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of Christa Stevenson, Porfirio Lopez, and Gaetano Vaccaro, our enthusiastic and talented Bilingual Resource Specialists, whose steadfast dedication to enhancing the education of our ELL population is immeasurable.


Terri Brady-Méndez, Director

Long Island RBE-RN

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