NYS CCLS and BCCI Aligned Instructional Units for ELLs: Grades 9-10 — Music and Poetry

This New York State Common Core Learning Standards (NYS CCLS) Module is an in depth study of music and technology. The thematic nature of the unit allows students and teacher to develop a research project based on the materials presented.  The introduction of poetry was substituted in place of the technology component in the NYS CCLS Module.


The L.I. RBE-RN’s adaptation of this portion of the module has similar components but approaches the topics covered through instructional methodologies and strategies appropriate for English Language Learners (ELLs).  It aligns not only the grade level standards from the NYS CCLS but incorporates linguistic demands from the Bilingual Common Core Initiative (BCCI) Progressions.


As part of this unit, a document for students' use in comparing two of the poems in the unit is available below.  This document can be adapted to any two poems or songs, depending on the instructional intent.


In addition, Co-Teaching Planning Template is available below for use by teachers who may choose to utilize this information in Integrated ENL instruction.