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What’s inside a Pumpkin?

ESBOCES Students Dissect a Pumpkin to Learn More

During an environmental unit, students in Kim Ledda’s class at Westhampton Beach Learning Center studied the life cycle of pumpkins and then dissected one to examine and touch all its parts. After that, they made colorful pumpkin diagrams, complete with labels identifying those parts. The diagrams even featured seeds the students had removed from the inside of the pumpkin. Adding a sensory component to the lesson helped students to learn and understand. Westhampton Beach Learning Center is an Eastern Suffolk BOCES School that serves students with special needs.

“This lesson was fun and informative on many levels,” explained Ledda. “My students learned how pumpkins grow from seeds and then extracted some from one in the classroom. They experienced its stringy insides and then cut, painted, and glued to construct a diagram.” 

student puts hand inside pumpkin   student holds up diagram he created


student puts pumpkin seeds on her desk   student puts glue on pumpkin diagram