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Specialized Speech Therapy for Student

James, Montauk UFSD, a student at Westhampton Beach Learning Center, receives a specific type of speech therapy known as PROMPT while he is at school. PROMPT stands for Prompts for Restructuring Oral and Muscular Phonetic Targets. It is used to restructure the speech production capabilities of children with a variety of speech disorders.


Student uses a mirror during speech therapy   Speech therapist touches student's face during therapy   Student and therapist use flashcards


PROMPT utilizes touch pressure and tactile cues to help reshape the way the brain and mouth work together to articulate words. For example, one PROMPT technique involves having the therapist manipulate the external muscles of the student’s face to help the student understand the movement required to produce a specific sound.

A PROMPT-certified speech therapist was hired by ESBOCES to supplement James’ current speech treatment because his motor requirements are significant. Using PROMPT methods, Shannon DuPuis, the therapist, touches his face to stabilize his jaw and remind him where his lips should touch. She shows him where the movements are so he receives tactile feedback, enabling him to learn how to create sounds. PROMPT has enabled James to make incredible strides. Said DuPuis, “When we started a few years ago, he was nonverbal. He's doing tremendous work. He works really, really hard.”