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Science Experiment Teaches Procedure, Basic Color Theory

Walking Water Rainbow Offers Attractive and Observable Results


Group shot of students and teacher


Leanne Prevete, special education teacher at Westhampton Beach Learning Center, recently conducted an engaging science experiment with her first graders about absorption called the Walking Water Rainbow. Ms. Prevete had her students set up a row of seven clear cups containing water and food coloring to represent each color of the rainbow. As Prevete loosely draped a narrow band of paper towels across the cups, students watched the paper towels absorb the colored water and blend into new colors where the cups touched. Students made predictions, recorded their observations, and also learned about primary colors and how to mix them to make new colors.


Teacher points to cups holding colored paper towels


Westhampton Beach Learning Center is an Eastern Suffolk BOCES school that provides special education services to students with special education needs.


Aide helps student record his obervations


Said Prevete, “This experiment was so visual it immediately captured the attention of my students. They were excited as they made predictions and recorded observations, which are important steps in the scientific method, and learned about primary and secondary colors.”


Two students hold up their papers