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Students Prepare Pancakes to learn about Procedures

A boy wearing glasses smiles at a pancake he's holding in front of his face.


Students at Westhampton Beach Learning Center celebrated the beginning of summer with a special breakfast of pancakes and orange juice, prepared by their classmates. The breakfast meal allowed students to socialize, and learn lessons about food preparation in a fun and engaging manner. Westhampton Beach Learning Center (WHBLC) is an Eastern Suffolk BOCES school that provides special education services to students with special needs.

Students prepared the pancakes from a mix. To make a successful breakfast, they had to properly read the directions, measure out the ingredients, and place them in a bowl in the right order. A teacher then took the prepared batter and cooked it for the rest of the class. While the pancakes were being cooked, another student set out table settings for his classmate, and another made fresh-squeezed orange juice.

“It’s a fun experience, and it gives the students a sense of where their food comes from,” said Christine Lent, a teaching assistant at WHBLC. “Orange juice actually comes from oranges, and pancakes can be cooked on a griddle instead of a toaster. The class also makes mealtime a social experience. Everyone does their part to make sure breakfast is served.”


Two boys stir pancake batter together  Two girls measure pancake mix in a measuring cup together