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IAC Students Learn about Forensic Archeology

LI Science Center Gives Hands-on Workshop at the School


Students working with an educator from the LI Science Center    Bones, magnifying classes and other tools


Islip Academic Center was visited recently by the LI Science Center. A representative from the center gave a hands-on workshop about forensic archeology, which is the study of remains. A small crime scene was constructed and students examined bones to identify clues and information about the “victims.” This exercise tied in with the school’s science curriculum and enhanced the other aspects of forensics that students had already studied, such as crime scene investigation and fingerprints. Said Barbara Vermaelen-Buonagura, a teacher at Islip Academic Center who worked on the project, “Our students found it fascinating to see how forensic archeology helps authorities with evidence recovery and crime scene interpretation.”


piles of bones    Student studies a bone under a magnifying glass