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Individual Acts of Caring

Islip Academic Center highlighted a new program called "Individual Acts of Caring.” When a staff member witnesses a student doing a random act of kindness, they present the student with a bracelet with the words "Individual Act of Caring.” The students in this picture were seen being helpful, positive, kind, and compassionate to their classmates. Each wrote a testimonial that is displayed on a bulletin board in the hallway. 


Group shot of students displaying their bracelets they received for doing a random act of kindness.

Avant, Brentwood UFSD; Angela, William Floyd UFSD; Jenifer, Brentwood UFSD; Alexis, Longwood CSD; and Shemar, Longwood CSD, were seen doing a random act of kindness.


Bulletin Board displaying testimonials of IAC Superstars who were seen doing random acts of kindness.