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Students Build Flag Boxes for Calverton Cemetery

Islip Academic Center Students Learn Carpentry and Framing Skills

three students near flag boxes  forklift loads flag box onto truck  flag boxes

Carpentry students in David Rosman’s class at Islip Academic Center used basic framing skills to build large, hinged wooden boxes to store American flags at Calverton National Cemetery. They made five boxes that were 48” wide x 36”deep x 41” high (with the lids closed).


Students used screw guns, reciprocating saws, routers, and other tools, and learned a great deal of basic carpentry in this one project. After the boxes were finished, a representative from the cemetery showed up with a flatbed truck to transport them to Calverton.


Said Rosman, “This was a great undertaking for my students. They learned many carpentry and basic framing skills. The framing procedure they used to make the boxes is the same for fabricating interior or exterior residential walls. And, they used their newfound skills to benefit veterans and their families.”