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Around the World with Cuisine

ESBOCES Culinary Students Explore International Foods, Cultures, Exports

Renowned dishes, history, culture. The Culinary Careers students at Islip Academic Center studied all of these and more when they engaged in their recent international cuisine project. Students selected a country to research and created a project board containing pictures; cultural facts; recipes (desserts and savory dishes); and other information that could encompass exports, history, famous landmarks, etc. Each student chose one recipe to make for the tasting portion of the assignment where it was sampled by classmates and staff who also viewed their project boards. Favorite courses included shrimp ceviche, jerk chicken, and chicken gyro.


student holding a tray of food samples, standing next to teacher   student and teacher holding up a project board


Said Culinary Careers Teacher Eric Cerreti, “This was a well-rounded assignment that required my students to do much more than cook international fare. Yes, food is a big part of every culture but I wanted them to learn as much as they could about the countries they chose, such as its history, customs and monuments. Additionally, all of these recipes were new for my students, which made it necessary for them to learn new techniques and use unfamiliar ingredients.”