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The Active Floor at Brookhaven Learning Center

New Technology Incorporates Movement and Play into Learning

Active Floor at ESBOCES Brookhaven Learning CenterActive Floor soccer at Brookhaven Learning CenterStudents play a social spinner game at Brookhaven Learning Center

The new Active Floor® at ESBOCES Brookhaven Learning Center (BLC) is providing whole body learning to students. Active Floor ® is an interactive floor that provides sensory integration and gives students of all ages and abilities the possibility to learn and develop intellectually, physically, and socially. Students navigate various activities and educational games by using their feet – and in some cases – their wheelchairs. Incorporating movement and play into learning helps memory, collaboration, focus, motor development, and social skills while creating an exciting educational environment.

Located in the BLC cafeteria, the Active Floor® consists of a ceiling-mounted box with a projector, a movement tracker, a white vinyl floor, and an online platform for every teacher in the building to create teaching materials that go onto the floor. The learning games, with content for math, language arts, science, and more, provide teachers with opportunities to integrate movement and fun into lessons. Each class at BLC has scheduled times throughout the week to use the floor, and extra times are available for all students because of all the floor offers academically and socially. Students are given time to dance and play sports like soccer and air hockey with each other on the floor. “The mission and goal of the Active Floor® is so aligned with everything that we do at Eastern Suffolk BOCES,” said BLC Teacher Colleen Kennedy. “Everyone at BLC was initially excited about this new addition to our campus, but now that we’ve seen everything we can do with it, and how the students have responded to it, we are even more thrilled that our students have access to this new technology.”

ESBOCES has plans to install Active Floors at more of their special education locations. ESBOCES Brookhaven Learning Center is a secondary school that empowers students to develop functional academic, personal, and pre-vocational skills.  BLC’s mission is to encourage independence and self-advocacy, and to prepare students to successfully transition from the school environment to post-school options.