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Students Train Classmates for Law Enforcement Exams

Collaboration Prepares Peers for Future Careers

students lifting weighted plates  Group shot  three students in the plank position

Cross-program teamwork is a hallmark of both the Academy and ESBOCES instructional programs. The Law Enforcement and the Introduction to Personal Training classes at Milliken Tech and Islip Career Center (schools located on the same Oakdale campus) meet once each week for the mutual benefit of students in both classes. The Personal Training students coach schoolmates while engaging in real-life, hands-on training, and their Law Enforcement counterparts prepare for the demanding fitness exams required by almost every branch of government law enforcement.                                                                                   

 Law Enforcement students are working to build strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health as they run laps, lift weights, and more. “This ongoing assignment allows my Personal Training students to actually work with the same clients weekly to provide encouragement, track their progress, and help them meet their personal goals,” said Introduction to Personal Training Teacher Jack Luquer. “Law Enforcement students receive regular training. It’s a mutual win for everyone involved.”

The Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology, referred to as the Academy, is the Career and Technical Education Program of Eastern Suffolk BOCES and has locations in Bellport, Oakdale, and Riverhead. Islip Career Center is an Eastern Suffolk BOCES Special Career Education Program, which provides skills training to students with special education needs. This training may enable them to obtain entry-level employment in certain industries.