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Special Career Education Students Get Their First Taste Of A Culinary Career

Special Needs Students Make a Unique "Recipe" to Start the School Year

Special Career Education Students making their first recipe in the WTC Culinary Arts kitchen.SCE Culinary Arts Program Student learns how to measure dry and liquid ingredients

ESBOCES Special Career Education (SCE) students were in for a treat, but not the edible kind, when they stepped into the kitchen at Ward Technical Center in Riverhead for the first time. After starting the school year learning in the classroom, Chef Jill Hamill had a unique experience prepared for the new SCE Culinary Arts Program students once they entered the kitchen. The class learned how to measure dry and liquid ingredients while creating their first “recipe” of the year – slime. This activity allowed the students to apply the practice of Mise en Place by setting out their mixing bowls and kitchen utensils and having all their ingredients measured and separated before they start cooking. Students were also able to practice using their hands to knead “dough” for when they move on to working with the real thing.

SCE Culinary Art Student with her finished slime recipeSCE Culinary Arts Program Student with completed Slime recipe


The ESBOCES Special Career Education Program serves students with disabilities from our 51 component school districts. Special Career Education creates opportunities for all students by providing them with the technical and academic skills needed to prepare for future employment and a successful path to college or other post-secondary programs. Each student is encouraged to explore various areas of study and to develop the essential skills to feel competent entering the job market, while helping them to learn how to cope with their disabilities in the workplace.