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Star Wars Day Comes to Brookhaven Learning Center

Students and Staff Get into Character

teachers dressed as Star Wars characters  teachers dressed as Star Wars characters  student jumping

“Close your eyes and use the force.” This was the instruction Teacher James Buchrieser gave students at the Jedi training station during Star Wars Day at Brookhaven Learning Center, which was held on May 4 (the unofficial holiday for the movie series). The event was filled with many appropriately themed, fun activities, such as the Kessel Run, Build a Droid, and Blow up the Death Star.

group shot with storm trooper  group shot with foam light sabers

Staff channeled their inner Jedi by dressing the part, and a congenial Storm Trooper mixed and mingled with students, while posing for pictures. Students put their light sabers skills to the test as they battled a steady flow of bubbles from a bubble machine, or strengthened their connection with the force as they tried to hit a moving, foam Death Star as it swung from a tree on fishing line. Go here for a quick look at one student as she fights the Empire. Below are images from the day. May the fourth be with you!

student uses foam light saber  staff getting into character


games at the event  student hits bubbles with light saber  student runs with package