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Students Model the Work of Artist Romero Britto

Artwork Incorporates Texture, Color and Seasonal Fruit

student holding artwork    student holding artwork

Inspired by the work of famed pop artist Romero Britto, Art Teacher Loriann Christian developed an art project for students at Sayville Elementary. She introduced them to the artist and his work, had everyone color over textured plates, tear construction paper into small sections, apply random strips of black tape, and then glue these layers together for the finished masterpiece.


Christian chose to have her students create a piece of artwork that resembled “True Apple” by Britto because apples are a fall fruit. She also incorporated lots of texture into the activity, which can help students with special needs learn, and broke the entire undertaking down into easy steps that produced a finished product in 20 minutes.


Said Christian, “I needed something that we could accomplish in one art period. And, this was also a perfect way to focus on Latin American culture, since Britto is originally from Brazil.”


Sayville Elementary School is an Eastern Suffolk BOCES school that provides services to students with special education needs.