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Carpentry Students Make Cigar-Box Guitars

Acoustic and Electric Versions Available

student and teacher use tools to make guitar   student adds wiring to make guitar electric   student plays guitar

Crafting musical instruments doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of carpentry. However, that is exactly what the students in Liam McGoldrick’s Carpentry class at Islip Career Center are learning to build. Students are fabricating cigar box guitars and learning many things in the process – using hand and power tools, teamwork, following a sequence of directions, and more. They are even incorporating wiring to transform them into electric guitars.


“These are fully functioning, three-string guitars,” said McGoldrick. He and his class plan to build the guitars to order, in fretted or unfretted options, for staff during the upcoming holidays. (The unfretted version is played like a slide guitar.)


“There is a lot of reading comprehension involved in order to follow the directions, in addition to cataloguing all the hardware,” explained McGoldrick. “The holiday order fulfillment will also provide students with exposure to the customer services side of the business.”


The Eastern Suffolk BOCES Special Career Education Program provides skills training to students with special education needs. This training may enable them to obtain entry-level employment in certain industries.