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Superheroes Encourage Students to Wear Masks at School

Social Workers Create Lesson with Fun Role Models


people in front of a bulletin board


Who makes it cool to wear a mask? Superheroes, of course. The social workers at Tecumseh Elementary School presented a lesson at the beginning of the school year, utilizing this superhero theme to teach students about health and safety, which included the proper way to wear face masks and wash their hands.


During the first week of school, all students were shown a video of one of the school social workers found on YouTube emphasizing the importance of wearing a mask and reminding viewers that superheroes do so too. To underscore this message, the social workers created a large bulletin board in a main hallway featuring many popular superheroes who wear masks and drew their own masks on those who normally don’t have one.


Said Tecumseh Elementary School Social Worker Jennifer Shanahan, “This was a great introduction to make mask wearing appealing and it really put a positive light on it.”


The school nurse participated in the lesson by demonstrating the correct way to wear a mask, how to handle it, how to fold it when you put it down, and then gave a hand washing lesson.


Said Shanahan, “We told them the golden rule, either count for 20 seconds when you wash or sing Happy Birthday three times. So our students now model that behavior.” They closed the lesson with a coloring activity where students created their own masks.