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Law Enforcement Students Continue Tradition of Learning to March

Academy Students Discover How to Work as One

Back in the day, the sight of military units marching in unison would instill fear and respect among onlookers. In addition to the armed forces, police academy cadets are also required to master this skill, which is why the Law Enforcement students at Milliken Tech, many of whom plan to enter the field, drill each week.


Marching, turning, presenting arms, and drilling seamlessly in a platoon or a squad requires hours of practice, dedication, and for each person to listen and pay attention. It also builds confidence.


Milliken Tech Law Enforcement Teacher Richard Lampasona holds competitions between his squads and rotates leaders regularly so every student has the opportunity to experience leadership. This teaches responsibility and students gain a sense of pride to be a commander. Students must learn to project their voices to address the platoon or squad so everyone can hear instructions clearly.


Said Lampasona, “My students really enjoy it; marching, drilling, and singing the cadence. They are not thinking about anything else except being in step together and about the group.”


The Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology, referred to as the Academy, is the Career and Technical Education Program of Eastern Suffolk BOCES and has locations in Bellport, Oakdale, and Riverhead. Milliken Tech is located on the Oakdale campus.


Students standing in a platoon