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Teacher Sends Paper Dolls to Students




To stay connected with her students, Danielle Koretz, a special education teacher at Eastern Suffolk BOCES Premm Learning Center, sent them a version of herself. She created "Ms. Flat Danielle," a paper doll they could take along as they completed schoolwork from home. Premm Learning Center is an Eastern Suffolk BOCES school that provides special education services to students with special needs.


Danielle was inspired by the children's book "Flat Stanley," which is about a boy who is flattened by a bulletin board and visits his friends by going through the mail. She used the app Bitmoji to create a caricature of herself that she included in schoolwork sent home to the students. The handouts included the paper doll they could cut out, a short poem to read aloud, and suggestions on what they could do with "Flat Ms. Danielle." Students were encouraged to read with their paper doll, share a snack, or even dance together. 


“This was a great way to engage my students from a distance,” Danielle said. “While we have to be apart, it’s a good reminder that with some creativity, we can still work together and I can continue to support them in their education.”


A young boy drinking a yogurt drink in a blue shirt holds a paper doll


Jaeden, Brentwood UFSD, shares a snack with his Flat Ms. Danielle paper doll.



 A boy holding a red and yellow soccer ball throws it to a paper doll, playing with it

Matthew, William Floyd UFSD, plays with a soccer ball with his Flat Ms. Danielle paper doll.