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Academy Students Build Arcade Cabinet

The Computer Technology and Repair class at Bixhorn Technical Center (BTC) was recently commissioned to build an arcade machine. The project tested several skills the students learn in class, including programming, technology integration, and customer service.

The students assembled the console from a kit, which included the body of the machine, and all of the hardware required. The system is powered by a Raspberry Pi chip, which is a small, single-board computer about the size of a credit card. The students programmed the unit so it could run the games and properly interface with the speakers, controllers, and 32” monitor included in the kit.

After coding the computer, they tested the system before mounting it in the cabinet.

The class collaborated with the Art, Design, and Visual Communications class to give the console a unique look. When the project was complete, they delivered the system, giving the customer a manual and a complete demonstration of all of the features of the finished machine.

“Every step of this build involved something we’ve been working on in class,” said Adam Koral, instructor of Computer Technology and Repair at BTC. “It was a creative way to tie real-world skills into the coursework, and showed the students just how many different jobs they can have specializing in computer hardware.”

Computer Technology and Repair is a class provided by the Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology, the Career and Technical Education Program of Eastern Suffolk BOCES, which has locations in Bellport, Oakdale, and Riverhead.


A man wearing a blue shirt screws in a bracket on an arcade cabinet

Ganesh Sital, Southampton UFSD, installs a bracket on the arcade cabinet.

A boy wearing glasses and a red sweatshirt screws in electronic controls on a board

Vincent Fuori, Sayville UFSD, installs the buttons and controllers needed to control the video game.


A group of boys stand beside an arcade cabinet that says "Retro Arcade" on it.

Left to right: Michael Schmitt, Eastport South-Manor CSD, Vincent Fuori, SayvilleUFSD, and Thomas Akerman, Connetquot CSD, stand in front of the arcade cabinet they built, preparing for delivery.