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ESBOCES and Academy students Study September 11 and Honor the Fallen

Student Activities around the Agency on Patriot Day


  Student blowing a red, white and blue American flag pinwheel

Benjamin, Patchouge-Medford UFSD, above, watches the patriot pinwheels spin outside of Tecumseh Elementary School. Students in every grade at Tecumseh participated in learning and discussion regarding this national tragedy and then assembled dozens of pinwheels, which they planted on the front lawn of the school. The pinwheels were displayed until September 21, which is International Peace Day. After collecting their pinwheels and writing messages of peace on them, the school donated them to Unite in Peace, an organization that sent them to orphanages around the world. 

Student and school custodial worker plant pinwheels outside the school    Student plants a pinwheel on the lawn of the school

Left: Custodial Worker Christopher Johanson hammered a screwdriver into the hard ground so that Anthony, Sachem CSD, was able to plant his pinwheel onto the front lawn of the school. Right: Michael, South Country CSD, learned about showing respect for this Day of Remembrance.



Image of the class and teacher

Animal Science Teacher Lisa Mongiello, at the Academy at Bixhorn Tech, standing, far right, showed her students the documentary, Hero Dogs of 9-11, which details the outstanding search and rescue operations working dogs engaged in at Ground Zero on September 11 and immediately afterwards.



Student working on the whiteboard while the teacher watches

At Westhampton Beach Learning Center, students in Social Studies Teacher Evan Miller’s class used a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast facts and background information of September 11th with that of the attack on Pearl Harbor. (A Venn Diagram consists of overlapping circles and the shared space is reserved for similarities.) There was much discussion about these two events, which occurred 60 years apart. Above: Evan Miller, left, watches Joseph, South Country CSD, move information into the appropriate areas on the whiteboard.



Student in wheelchair plants an American flag into the ground with the help of a teacher

Matthew, South Country CSD, places an American flag in a flag holder at the base of the main flag outside of Premm Learning Center. The students paraded, holding hearts and signs based off the theme, What the World Needs Now is Love. The parade led to the flagpole, where the students gathered for a moment of silence. They then said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the National Anthem, and waved their paper hearts to the song, What the World Needs Now is Love.

Student and teacher examine a cluster of American flags planted in the ground outside his school     Student in wheelchair is next to a patriot, homemade sign

Left: Edwin, Central Islip UFSD, looks at the display of flags around the flagpole. Right: Bonnie, Bayshore UFSD, beside her sign.




Teenage student plants bulbs outside her school

Iyanna, South Country CSD, plants a daffodil bulb in the garden outside of Islip Academic Center. The bulbs are planted symbolically to remember the lives lost during the attacks on September 11. Flags are placed next to the daffodil bulbs to mark where they’re buried until they bloom in the spring.