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Students Sell Lemonade to Support Cancer Research

A student stands behind a lemonade stand titled "Alex's Lemonade Stand"   A girl with short hair serves lemonade to a woman wearing glasses

Students from the Jefferson Academic Center (JAC) sold lemonade made with a secret ingredient—hope. The students got permission to have a lemonade stand at the Port Jefferson Village Center to sell drinks and snacks to raise money in support of Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a nonprofit organization that raises money to support childhood cancer research. JAC is an Eastern Suffolk BOCES school that provides special education services to middle school-aged students with special needs.


The students were involved in all steps of the process, from building the lemonade stand, to making the lemonade, which was mixed on site from powder. All supplies, including the cups, lemonade, ice, and bottled water were donated, so all money received from the event could be donated to the cause. Students worked at the stand in two separate shifts and performed roles from holding signs to attract customers, to receiving money and fulfilling drink and snack orders.


“We’re really excited to be able to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and include our students in the effort,” said Anna Cuevas, a seventh-grade special education teacher at JAC. “The students learned about teamwork and how important it is to get involved in organizations you’re passionate about.”


In addition to the lemonade stand in Port Jefferson Village, the students also managed a lemonade stand at JAC during lunchtimes, selling refreshments to staff and students alike. In total, they raised $371.48 in donations.


Two boy studetns serve lemonade to a woman wearing a black shirt and shorts.    A girl serves lemonade to a woman wearing an orange shirt with a dog.