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Student Chefs Battle in Cooking Competition

Two chefs stand to the left of a judge, who is evaluating a plate of food prepared for a cooking competition  A student uses a pair of tongs to prepare a plate of food


The students in the Cooking class at Islip Career Center (ICC) came together to compete in a competition based off the show Iron Chef. The contest challenged students to work together to create a consisting of three secret ingredients.   ICC is an Eastern Suffolk BOCES school that provides special career education services to students with special needs. The skills students acquire at ICC may enable them to obtain entry-level employment in certain industries.

The students were challenged to create a meal with specific guidelines. All meals had to include the secret ingredients − chicken, spinach, and a type of potato. The students also had to properly make one of the five culinary “mother sauces” to top their dishes. The students were judged by ICC staff on the appearance of their dish, the color, taste, garnish, and clean set up of their area.

The competition taught the students a variety of skills, including teamwork in the kitchen, finding and following a recipe on an iPad, changing a recipe to include the ingredients they needed, and using a sauce in a dish.


A student explains to a judge what his dish is comprised of. He is standing beside a table with a red and white gingham cloth  Three students wearing white chef's hats and aprons stand behind a table with a red and white gingham table cloth.