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Personal Training Students Train Peers in Law Enforcement

Obstacle Course Prepares Students for Youth Academy


Group shot of the obstacle course winners

Law Enforcement and Personal Training students from two Academy locations recently collaborated in an annual training exercise to benefit both programs.


A participant drags a weighted dummy to safety  

Personal Training students designed an obstacle course for their Law Enforcement counterparts that is similar to the one used in the Suffolk County Police Department’s Youth Academy, a program many students want to participate in this summer. Training fellow students to prepare for this course provided those studying to be personal trainers with the opportunity to treat participants as clients.


One student fights off another using protective pads  

The Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology is the Career and Technical Education Program of Eastern Suffolk BOCES with campuses in Bellport, Oakdale, and Riverhead.


Student hits the ground running after clearing a wall  

Law Enforcement students travelled from the Oakdale location to the Bellport campus where the Personal Training Program is housed and the obstacle course was created. The course consisted of jumping rope, performing push-ups, scaling a wall, dragging a weighted dummy to simulate pulling a victim to safety, performing CPR on another dummy, fighting off a perpetrator, making a quick arrest, and other physical challenges. All the while, student personal trainers shouted encouragement to keep participants moving at top speed.


Law Enforcement students worked with their peers in the Personal Training Program for most of the year to improve their fitness levels and prepare for this event. Said Personal Training Teacher Jonathan Audiino, “Working with regular clients over a long period of time to meet personal goals is exactly what participants in my program aspire to do, and this annual event gave them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience doing just that while they are still students.”