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Mother’s Day to a Tea

A woman eats food provided by ICC Culinary students with her twins, a boy and a girl.


The Early Childhood Education class at the Eastern Suffolk BOCES Islip Career Center (ICC) welcomed mothers and grandmothers into the class for a special Mother’s Day Tea organized by the students. The Early Education Class provides a low-cost preschool that children from the community can attend while providing special career education training for high school students in the field of early childhood education.

The entire tea party required collaboration from across the ICC. Students from the baking class made lemon iced cookies, madeleines, and chocolate chip scones, while food preparation students made finger sandwiches. Horticulture students provided flowers, and the carpentry class helped make napkin holders that were decorated by the daycare attendees. The entire event was scheduled and hosted by the early education students, who organized and put on the tea time without a hitch.

ICC provides special career education for students with a focus on training students to enter a career after graduating high school. These students learn important skills that help them be successful in the workplace, including trade practices and soft skills.


An adult student hands a small child a gift bag. The girl is sitting at a table with her family

Adult Education Student, Amber, presents an Early Childhood Education attendee with a Mother’s Day gift bag that she made for her mom.


A student wearing glasses presents a flower as a gift to a parent of an early childhood education student

Rayanni, Brentwood UFSD, presents a flower to the grandmother of an Early Childhood Education attendee with a flower that was prepared by the horticulture class at ICC.