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ESBOCES Students Travel Cross Country, One Classroom at a Time

Classes Adopt States to Study American Culture, History


Group shot   Group shot


To learn about the 50 states, the staff at Brookhaven Learning Center tackled this lesson as a school. Each classroom chose a different state to research. Students studied state history, culture, landmarks, famous people who call that state home, fun foods, and an array of information. Over the course of two days, students and staff rotated through every classroom to hear presentations, read bulletin boards, and see how classrooms were imaginatively transformed as they learned about every state in the union. Next year, the school will put an international spin on this project when each classroom selects a different country to study. “This was a fun, interactive, and inventive way to cover a large amount of material,” said Special Education Teacher James Buchrieser. “Each classroom had creative license to represent their state in any way they chose through food samples, digital media, décor, costumes, props, you name it.” Brookhaven Learning Center is an Eastern Suffolk BOCES school that provides special education services to students with special needs.


student and teacher by Montana bulletin board