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Elementary, High School Students Celebrate Hour of Code

Older Students Get Younger Ones Excited about Coding


Younger and older student working together with a tablet   Younger and older students working together with robots


Computer coding students from Sequoya High School visited Sayville Academic Center to celebrate “Hour of Code” with their younger counterparts. The high school coders brought many fun projects to capture the interests and imaginations of the Sayville students, as well as to inspire them to possibly studying coding in high school and beyond. The Hour of Code is a global movement to spend one hour introducing computer coding technology to students. Sequoya High School and Sayville Academic Center (SAC) are both Eastern Suffolk BOCES schools. Sequoya administers additional education support services to students, and SAC, a K-4 elementary school, provides special education services to students with special needs.


Younger and older students pose  with a robt   Younger and older students working together with a tablet


The coding projects introduced by the high school students included autonomous humanoid robotics systems that follow verbal commands and could recite The Night before Christmas. Students took turns navigating robots on wheels as they dragged colorful markers across large sheets of paper, and there were also several interactive games played with tablets and individual pieces. Megan Fink, a special education teacher at SAC, runs the coding club at the school and regularly incorporates coding projects into her classroom curriculum. She has been participating in the Hour of Code for the last six years and this is the first year she has collaborated with the high school. She explained that her students enjoy the coding projects she brings into the class because it allows them to express their creative side and has other benefits. Said Fink, “I think when my students realize how the math and problem solving play into coding, it makes them more focused in other academic areas. Also, seeing the amazing things the high schoolers can do with coding is an inspiration to them.”