How do I contact Sub Service?
Please call 419-1670.

What is AESOP?
AESOP stands for “automated substitute placement and absence management."  It is the software used by ESBOCES to provide and maintain the necessary sub coverage for instructional staff.

How do I apply for a substitute position in ESBOCES?
You may complete an application on our ESBOCES website ( or contact our sub service directly at 419-1670.  Interviews are conducted weekdays from September through June.

What kind of substitutes does ESBOCES hire?
We hire qualified certified teachers, Occ Ed Teachers, teaching assistants, teacher aides, and RN subs.

I have recently completed an application to substitute online but have not heard from anyone yet.  Who do I contact?
Please contact Sub Service at 419-1670 to inquire.

I was recently scheduled for a mandatory substitute orientation and cannot attend; who do I contact?
Please contact Sub Service at 419-1670.


I am currently a teaching assistant substitute and have recently been issued a teaching assistant certificate through NYSED.  Who do I contact with this information?
Please contact Sub Service at 419-1670 or email to advise us of your updated information.  We will access TEACH and update your records accordingly.
I am currently a teaching assistant substitute and have just recently been issued multiple teaching certificates through NYSED. Who do I contact with this information?
Please contact Sub Service at 419-1670 or email to advise us of your updated information.  We will access TEACH and update your records accordingly.

I am a substitute for ESBOCES and was scheduled to attend a mandatory CPI training but have lost my paperwork with the information.  Who do I contact?
Please contact Substitute Service at 631-419-1670 regarding CPI training.
I was recently scheduled for a mandatory CPI training and cannot attend; who do I contact?
Please contact Substitute Service at 631-419-1670.

I am a newly hired employee and do not have an AESOP ID and PIN to report absences.  How can I obtain one?
If you have not yet received a letter with your AESOP ID and PIN, please contact Sub Service at 419-1670 to inquire.

I am an employee who has been assigned to a different building but my location has not changed on AESOP.  Who do I call regarding this?
Please call our Sub Service at 419-1670; they will confirm the change and modify it on AESOP for you.

I am an employee who has had a name and/or address change recently but they are not reflected on AESOP.  Who do I call regarding this?
Please call Sub Service at 419-1670; they will confirm the change and modify it on AESOP for you.

I have mailed a letter of interest and my application to the James Hines Administration Building for a full-time position but am willing to interview for a sub position as well.  Who do I contact?
Please contact Sub Service at 419-1670.

I was injured at work and need to go to the doctor.  How do I get a claim number?
Complete the Employee Injury/Incident Report found on e-docs (Form 5320F.1) and have your supervisor sign it. Forward original to Administrative Services and contact them at 687-3027 for a claim number.

Can I go to any doctor of my choice if I’m going through Workers’ Compensation?
Yes, as long as the doctor accepts Workers’ Compensation insurance it will be covered.

If I lose time from work due to a work related incident do I need to submit a doctor’s note?
Yes, if you lose time from work due to a work related incident you need to obtain a doctor’s note stating the date of injury on the note and what you are being treated for.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my Workers’ Compensation claim?
All questions should be directed to Daria Greco in Administrative Services at 687-3027.

How long do I have to submit my paperwork for a Workers’ Compensation claim?
All paperwork pertaining to Workers’ Compensation should be complete within 48 hours of the injury date.



I have questions about my medical/dental claim.  Who do I call?
Members must contact their insurance carriers directly for questions pertaining to medical, dental, and vision claims. Insurance ID Cards have contact information for members to call.

I have lost my insurance identification cards.  How do I get them replaced?
If you have the NYS Empire Plan or the East End Health Plan and you need a replacement medical insurance ID card, please contact Human Resources, Benefits Department at: e-mail: Fax: 631-289-2314 Phone: 631-289-2200 x3180 For all other health insurance plans, please contact your carrier directly.

I had a work related injury.  Who do I call for questions or more information?
Please contact Administrative Services at: 631-289-2200 x 3027

When is Open Enrollment?
Open Enrollment is November 1st – November 30th each year. That 30 day window is when employees can request to change their health plan, elect Flexible Spending, and/or elect AFLAC if they wish. All changes take effect the first of the following year.

My dependent child is no longer eligible for benefits. How can I get them insured?
Please contact the Benefits Department at 631- 289-2200 x3180 to discuss your options.

I’m separated from my spouse.  Can I take him/her off of my insurance?
Generally, ex-spouses are removed from insurance the day the divorce decree is approved, signed, and stamped by the courts, provided supporting documentation is received in a timely manner.

How do I update my new address with my insurance companies?
You must notify HR if you have a change of address, phone, status, etc. All requests must be in writing and signed by the employee. The requests should be addressed to: Eastern Suffolk BOCES, 201 Sunrise Highway, Patchogue, NY 11772, Attn: Human Resources, Benefits. Also please include the effective date of the change. Once we have your request, we will update your information within BOCES and also with all of your insurance carriers.

What if I have medical coverage through my spouse and I am losing coverage?  Do I have to wait until Open Enrollment to sign up?
If you are losing medical coverage, and you are currently working in a benefits eligible position, you would be able to sign up for medical coverage (off-cycle). A loss of coverage is a qualifying event, and with the proper documentation, you would not have to wait for open enrollment. Specific documentation is required. Please contact the Benefits Department at 631-289-2200 x3180 for information.

Are dependents covered to age 26 for Dental and Vision also?
No. Dependents would only be covered for dental and vision if they are 19-25 and enrolled in college full-time. Full time status must be verified with each carrier (dental and vision), each semester, for each dependent age 19-25. Verification forms can be found on the BOCES intranet.

How do I find HR Benefit Forms on the ESBOCES intranet?
Please go to:  http://info/HR/Shared Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Do I have to sign up for Medicare Part B?
Factors such as your work status (active, retiring, retired) must be taken into consideration with Medicare Part B.
It is best to contact the Benefits Department to discuss, because individual factors can affect eligibility and/or potential penalties.


How can I learn about civil service job opportunities in ESBOCES?
A: As vacancies become available, they are posted and distributed via email to BOCES-All users.

How do I apply for a civil service position?
A: Send your letter of interest regarding posted vacancies to:

How can I learn about para educator job opportunities in ESBOCES?
A: As vacancies become available, they are posted and distributed via email to BOCES-All users.

How do I apply for a para educator position?
A: Send your letter of interest regarding posted vacancies to:

How do I get a record of my ESBOCES work history/verification of my employment with ESBOCES?
A: All verifications of employment must be requested in writing and sent to the Human Resources Department via mail, fax, or your ESBOCES email account. Telephone inquiries and/or requests from personal email accounts are not acceptable.

What does it mean to be “reachable” on a Civil Service list?
A: A “reachable” candidate is one of the top three interested candidates on the list, in response to a canvass for a position.

What days/holidays are the ESBOCES offices/ESBOCES school buildings closed?
A: The office closings calendar/school closings calendar are posted at:http://info/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2fShared%20Documents%2fCalendars&View=%7b6CCCAB30%2dC894%2d41CF%2dBB55%2d594E6AAFA3CA%7d.

How many bereavement days am I entitled to?
A: Check your bargaining agreement for the number of bereavement days allotted in your contract.


How do I find out what jobs are available?
A list of available positions can be viewed from any computer with Internet access. Visit the ESBOCES website employment page at or OLAS:

What information will I be asked to provide?
You will be asked to provide personal information such as name, address, phone number, etc. You will also be asked to provide information about your education, employment history, and references. An email address will also be required.

How do I know if my application reached the right person?
Check your email for notification that your application has been received. Such notification may also be sent via US postal mail. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by phone.

Who will see my application if I use the online application process?
All information is on a secure web server.  Only the Department of Human Resources and the hiring administrators authorized to review specific job openings will have access.

Can I apply for more than one job at a time?
Yes.  Once you have completed your online application, you can follow the same process to apply for multiple positions that are currently open.  Only job-specific cover letters will be considered.

I missed the deadline, can I still apply?
As with any position, once a closing date has passed, no application will be accepted or considered.

Do I have to fill out an application?
Everyone who applies for a position is required to complete an employment application. Required information is denoted with an asterisk (*). The more information you provide, the easier it will be to effectively evaluate your skills, abilities and qualification. Incomplete applications may be rejected, so please be thorough.

Can I apply by sending my resume via e-mail?
Online applications are preferred at OLAS: or send job-specific cover letter and resume to  Paper applications and resumes can be sent to ESBOCES, Office of Recruitment, 201 Sunrise Highway, Patchogue, NY 11772.

Will I automatically be considered for other positions if I previously submitted an application?
To ensure that you will be considered for other positions, you must submit a separate application for each position for which you would like to be considered.


Teachers/Administrators with Professional Certification are required to complete 175 hours of professional development within each 5-year period.

Teaching Assistants with Level 3 Certification are required to complete 75 hours of professional development within each 5-year period.

The 5-year period starts the July 1 following the issuance of the certificate.

Further information may be found on the NYS Education website:  as well as in the My Learning Plan File Library.


Specific information regarding retirement can be found in each respective bargaining unit agreement; by contacting the appropriate retirement system:  TRS at or 1-800-348-7298, ERS at or 1-866-805-0990; or by calling the Department of Human Resources at 687-3005.  Requests for retirement must be submitted by using Form 8004F.15 (Retirement Notification), which can be found @ http://edocs under Forms/Human Resources. 



How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?
A form to sign up for Direct Deposit can be found on edocs using the path Forms, Business Services, Payroll. This form when complete should be forwarded to the Payroll Office. As a rule, your paycheck will be Direct Deposited 2 to 3 weeks after receipt in the payroll office.

Will I receive a pay stub for a Direct Deposit ?
Yes, you will receive what is called a pay advice for your Direct Deposit payment noting it was direct deposited.

What if I open a different bank account or move my bank account to another branch?
If you have a change in your bank account information a new Direct Deposit form needs to be submitted along with a Direct Deposit cancelation form ending the old bank information.

If I have a break in service, will my Direct Deposit continue when I return to work?
In general, if you have a break in service and you want your direct deposit to continue, you must either complete a new form or send an e-mail to indicating your bank account information is the same and you wish to restart your direct deposit.

If I have a question regarding my paycheck should I call Payroll or Human Resources?
It depends. If you have a question about your bi-weekly salary calculation, payment of overtime, additional pay, tax status/withholding, deductions or time sheet inquiries, it should be directed to payroll. If you have a question regarding your salary, longevity, educational incentive, health waiver, it should be direct to Human Resources.

Who do I call when I didn’t receive a paycheck and I thought I should?
You should e-mail or call payroll with any information you have available and they will either respond or direct your call.

What is my employee ID number?
Your employee ID number is used to identify you and is listed on your salary notice when you are hired and your pay advice each pay period. This number is very important to use or all of your forms and communications with payroll.

My spouse called the payroll office regarding my paycheck and no information was given. Why?
Payroll information will only be given to an employee as it is personal and confidential. Additionally, e-mails received from personal e-mail addresses will not be answered as Payroll cannot confirm the source of the e-mail address. Questions must be e-mailed using your BOCES e-mail address.

I was looking at my pay advice and noticed I have a deduction for social security (FICA) and Medicare tax, I do not receive either of these, so why is it being deducted?
Social Security and Medicare are Federally mandated payroll taxes that every employee must pay. See the website

Where do I call if I have any payroll related questions?
If your building administrator cannot answer your question, questions can be sent by e-mail to or you can call payroll at 631-687-3126.
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