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Summer Career Exploration Program

July 8, 2024 - July 25, 2024
Monday through Thursday
8:30AM - 12:00PM
Program is for students 13 to 15 years old

  • Register online beginning February 15, 2024 (select "Summer 2024" from the Session dropdown) or click the direct registration link under course description below 
  • Register by phone at 631-369-7567
  • Tuition: $504 for three weeks
  • Click here for: Brochure 

Course Offerings

Courses vary by location - Bellport, Oakdale, and Riverhead

Automotive Technology 

You will discover the basics of automotive technology. From brake systems, to steering and suspension systems, and engine repair, students get to participate in hands-on activities in our state-of-the-art shop!

Introduction to Culinary Arts

Look at what’s cooking in the kitchen! Develop your cooking skills in an authentic commercial kitchen. Engage in hands-on experiences covering cooking, baking, kitchen safety, sanitation, and nutrition. Participate in an end of program cook-off competition!

Metal Magic: Welding

Spend some time in a metal shop exploring the basics of metalwork and welding. You will gain valuable insights, use tools needed to weld, and create fun projects.

Computer Science: Introduction to Coding

How does that robot do what it does?! Learn the fundamental engineering and technical principles of robots. Think it, build it, and watch it work!

Introduction to Construction Trades

Embark on a journey into the heart of construction trades with our introductory program covering electrical work, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Through hands-on engagement and safety-focused learning, students will explore entry-level installation and troubleshooting techniques across these vital systems.

Dog Care and Training

Explore the world of caring for dogs in our animal science program. Students will be introduced to animal behavior, breeds, safety and handling, basic tools, equipment and shampoos. Students will also have the opportunity to bring their dog to class and learn the basics of grooming and training.


Welcome to the salon! Create up-do’s, style with roller sets, experiment with blow-drying, curling/flat iron styling, French braids and more! You will also learn manicure and facial techniques. Come enjoy the salon experience and become a stylist for the summer.


Let's build! Explore the basics of carpentry, covering terminology, tools, and foundational techniques essential for crafting woodwork. Learn fundamental skills, various wood materials, and engage in hands-on projects to build foundational knowledge. This course provides a solid start for those eager to delve into the craft of carpentry and woodworking.

Digital Audio

Discover the art and science of digital audio production in this immersive course. Students will explore the principles of sound, recording techniques, editing software proficiency, and the fundamentals of mixing and mastering. Delve into the world of digital sound manipulation and creative audio engineering.