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Islip Academic Center

The mission of the Islip Academic Center is to provide specialized, individually planned and structured Next Generation standards-based education. Career and Technical Education experiences promote the specific skills and career-based training needed for the world of work and to support academic classes. Integration of the Career Development and Occupational Studies standards (CDOS) into the classroom and community-based or service learning activities help students to see the relevance of the course work. Career assessment and Level One interviews as well as transition planning interface with school-to-work learning. Related internship experiences and part-time jobs can provide students with participation in the community. Our commitment to a safe and nurturing environment allows students to access these opportunities based on their individual needs. Our program offers students academic and employability skills with social growth opportunities and real world connections, helping prepare them for the challenges of the future.               

Main Site Program

Islip Academic Center
371 Locust Avenue
Oakdale, NY 11769

Included Site Programs

Outreach House Academic Center
400 Crooked Hill Road
Brentwood, NY 11717