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Vision/Orientation and Mobility Services

Services for the visually impaired are designed to assist the local school districts in providing a quality educational experience for blind and visually impaired students both in the mainstream and BOCES programs. These services provide a support system for the students which facilitate a productive learning experience. Specifically, students are provided with visual and compensatory skills that enable them to function as independently as possible within their classroom setting in order to access the curriculum.

Evaluations are conducted in the students' educational setting at the request of the school district. These evaluations are conducted in the areas of functional vision to determine the need for services for the visually impaired, vision technology and orientation and mobility. Services for the visually impaired are provided on an individual or group basis according to the students' IEP's. Indirect services to the students' classroom teachers and consultations are also available. Orientation and mobility services are provided individually as per the students' IEP's.