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Hearing & Audiological

Audiological Services

A full complement of audiological evaluation, screening, and consultation services is available to support the education of students with hearing loss in district or Eastern Suffolk BOCES settings. In addition to full audiological evaluations, pure-tone hearing, tympanometry screenings and follow-ups, and parent and staff training, Eastern Suffolk BOCES audiologists offer a full spectrum of services to support the use of FM auditory trainers, including needs assessment evaluations, selection and ordering, equipment adjustments, ear molds, training workshops, and review of district equipment.


Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Services for the deaf and hard of hearing are designed to assist the local school districts in providing a quality educational experience for deaf and hard of hearing students both in the mainstream and in BOCES programs. These services emphasize listening skills, language development, social skills, use of relevant acoustic technology, study skills and the development of a background fund of knowledge. These services can be provided in an individual or group setting, and/or on an indirect or consultation basis, according to the students' IEP's.

Evaluations are conducted in the students' educational setting, at the school district's request, to determine the need for services for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Sign Language Interpreters

BOCES educational interpreters facilitate communication among deaf and hearing persons in an educational setting through the use of techniques developed for communicating between deaf, hard of hearing and hearing persons. Currently, sign language interpreters use American Sign Language, Signed English, Pigeon and Conceptually Accurate Sign to communicate. These services are offered both in BOCES facilities and district settings.