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Autism/Behavioral Consultation

Home ABA Services are designed to meet the needs of component districts for students with autism spectrum disorders. Individualized programs are created in accordance with IEP goals and methodologies, including applied behavior analysis and discrete trial instruction. Progress is data-based tracked and monitored to emphasize effective collaboration between home, school, and community.


Parent Training

Parent Training is a support service available to parents who require additional assistance implementing strategies within the home that will create an atmosphere where independence is fostered and nurtured.

The purpose of Parent Training is to provide families with support regarding individualized techniques that are used with their child in the school setting to address concerns regarding behavior, communication, education and independent living skills. Parent Training can serve as a bridge, fostering continuity between home and school. Educating parents about the techniques is necessary for the child to generalize skills learned in school to their home and community settings. As a result, the child can learn to be an integral part of the family unit and an active participant in the community.

In accordance with New York State Guidelines, Part 200, families with children classified with an autism spectrum disorder are entitled to Parent Training services. This service provides parents with information on child development, social skills practice and behavior modification as it relates to their child’s needs. Through specific assessment of their child’s unique needs, parents acquire skills to support the implementation of their child’s IEP and to perform appropriate follow up intervention activities at home. Parent Training within the home setting requires approval through the school district CSE. Parent Training groups are available for parents of students attending BOCES placements during the school day.

Educational staff, including the Parent Trainers, provide the level of service as indicated on the IEP, including how often the service is provided and the length of time for each visit. This can only be altered by the district CSE. The IEP goals will form a basis for the goals developed for the Parent Training Program. The Parent Training Program will offer techniques and procedures to generalize individual student goals into the home and community.

Questions to consider when identifying parental needs for Parent Training

  • Does the parent need information about their child’s disability and their role in the IEP process?
  • Can a problem be solved by providing parents with information specific to their child’s disability or by making referral to community resources?
  • Does the parent require assistance in implementing portions of their child’s IEP?
  • Does the parent require specific skills that will support them in implementing their child’s IEP?
  • Does the parent require assistance in implementing portions of the IEP that address social, communicative, behavioral, and community goals?

Parents’ Responsibility

  • Availability: being available at scheduled appointment times
  • Actively participate in the Parent Training sessions
  • Collaborating with the trainer to understand the value of the program as it relates to their child’s specific needs
  • Following through with the strategies and interventions that are discussed and demonstrated during parent training sessions
  • Completing program paperwork:
    - Parent Questionnaire
    - Communication Survey
    - Reinforcer Survey
    - Direct Service Documentation
    - Participation in the Family Needs Survey
  • Completing the Parent Training Program Evaluation at the end of the school year
  • Notification of the need to cancel a session by the end of the school day

Additionally, Eastern Suffolk BOCES offers consultation which facilitates district planning for the implementation and management of Parent Training programs within their own district.