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Administrative District Integration Platforms


Through this shared service, district leaders have the ability, through multi-dimensional data analytics, to develop financial strategies and monetize valuable insights. Districts are using Forecast 5 applications for data discovery, performance assessment, benchmarking, long term planning and strategic governance complete time sensitive tasks quickly, manage resources optimally, and engage and communicate with stakeholders. To learn more about this shared service, please contact the Suffolk RIC.


Eastern Suffolk BOCES support: setup, training, and telephone support. K-12 ASP smart card solution has an advanced and comprehensive security and multi-point attendance platform. Features:

  • Comprehensive advanced security (K-12)
  • Multi-point attendance platform
  • Used for library, cafeteria, locker access
  • Rapid Entry
  • No swiping - no scanning
  • Electronic payments
  • Electronic signatures

Available in:

  • Credit card size
  • Token tags for book bags or coats
  • Paper labels for books
  • Inventory control tags