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Aimsweb Plus

Universal Benchmarking

  • Manage the entire fall, winter, and spring assessment cycle
  • Identify students at risk for dyslexia or social-behavioral issues
  • Compare math and reading performance to grade level expectations
  • Build student and classroom profiles of strengths and weaknesses to tailor instruction

Progress Monitoring

  • Brief, standardized
  • Sensitive to growth that occurs over relatively short intervals
  • Available in multiple equivalent forms to reduce practice effects on retesting
  • Easy to administer and score


  • Identify at-risk students and learning gaps in key skill areas
  • Monitor and report individual and group growth, and group students based on instructional need
  • Support dual-discrepancy and special ed evaluations
  • Identify students at risk to not meet end-of-year grade level targets
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions for individuals and groups