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Collegial Circle Descriptions

Principals and Assistant Principals Collegial Circle

(For New and Current Administrators)

The Collegial Circle provides an interactive dialogue among principals and assistant principals on issues pertinent to the position, as well as effective leadership practices: instructional leadership; developing and sharing a vision of academic excellence; building a positive school culture that promotes student achievement; effective communication skills; and evaluating staff. Also included is the recertification for teacher observations and evaluations under the APPR regulations.

Aspiring Administrators Collegial Circle

These sessions are designed to encourage and prepare aspiring administrators for entry into the field of school leadership and sitting administrators into positions of greater influence and authority. Participants will examine the qualities of leaders and leadership, as well as reviewing the research on key practices of effective school principals. We will meet with experienced administrators from both building and district level positions who will discuss career paths, leadership style, and the challenges and rewards of educational leadership. There will also be an emphasis on writing effective cover letters and resumes, and developing interview skills. New APPR Regulations will be thoroughly reviewed.