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LILIE Registration Fees

45 Hour Professional Development* Course

  • Subscriber Price - $238
  • Non-Subscriber Price - $261

Please send inquiries to if you are unsure if your district subscribes.

Participants must register on Frontline Education.

*Please check with your district prior to enrolling regarding the granting of in-service credit for LILIE courses.

LILIE Online Courses:

  • Course offerings are aligned with both the district’s professional development needs as well as with teacher’s interest.
  • Teachers learn according to their schedule. Classrooms are accessible via the internet. Online courses provide participants with maximum family and work flexibility and allow for successful management in all these areas of life while achieving meaningful professional development.
  • Participants may communicate with classmates and instructor(s) at their most convenient times and from various locations. Project/assignment deadlines are easier to meet with such convenience.
  • Access to materials available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  There are no specific days or times you must login and post to the course  however LILIE requires a minimum of 4 academic posts and 2 peer comment posts per week for each of the 4 weeks of the course. They must be spread out throughout the week to facilitate class discussion.

LILIE Highlights:

  • Webpages: All courses have their own webpage that are designed to showcase course curricula, objectives and various resources that are required for the course.
  • Discussion Boards: LILIE course participants log onto their course via the website with their login name and confidential password. Participants post comments at least 4 different times  per week.
  • Open communication: LILIE operates in a strictly transparent manner and in doing so, provides superintendents with all course curricula, access to view all currently running online courses including teacher participation and postings, access to view or request course logs attesting to minimum of 45 hours completed coursework, instructor biographies and links to course webpages and content.