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LILIE Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I register?

-Please register on ESBOCES Frontline. Once registered, ESBOCES will enroll you in the LILIE course. Do not register with LILIE.


  • Do I get a discount if I take more than 2 workshops?

-No, the cost per workshop is already discounted for participating ESBOCES Model Schools districts.


  • Can I take more than 3 workshops at a time?

- LILIE recommends that no more than 2 courses be taken in one month while participants are working full time during the academic year.


  • Can I pay by credit card online?

-ESBOCES Model Schools is currently not accepting credit card payments.  We accept personal checks, money orders or bank checks written out to ESBOCES.


  • Where do I send my payment?

-You may remit payment to ESBOCES, 750 Waverly Avenue, Holtsville, NY 11742. Please add the workshop name on the memo line of your check.


  • How do I know you received payment?

-Please log onto your Frontline account and click on ‘Receipt.’


  • I enrolled in a workshop and have not received my link?

-Please email and they will help you regarding the workshop link.


  • I registered using the wrong email address. How do I fix this?

-Please email and they will help you fix the email address.


  • The district has not approved a workshop and it is starting. What should I do?

-Contact your administrator for approval. You have 3 days after the workshop start date to be enrolled.


  • I finished the course and my attendance is not finalized?

-Attendance will be updated approximately two weeks after notification from LILIE.


  • Where can I get a copy of my certificate?

Log onto your Frontline account and go to My Info, then Portfolio. Scroll down and click on ‘Print Certificate.’  Certificates will only be available if you complete the course and the course is paid in full.


  • I need in-service hours. Does this count as in-service hours?

-Each course is worth 45 hours. ESBOCES can only provide hours, not in-service credits. It’s up to the discretion of each district to convert hours into in-service credits. Please check with your district before enrolling in any LILIE courses for pre-approval.