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NYSED CCLS-NGLS Crosswalk Comparison


Long Island RBERN

Common Core & Next Generation: A Crosswalk Comparison of New York State Learning Standards for English Language Arts

In order to facilitate teachers’ transition to the New York State Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards, the Long Island Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network (L.I. RBERN) has created this crosswalk document as a companion to the NYSED developed crosswalk documents found at :

Some of the key differences that educators will find useful are:

  • The NYSED documents are organized by presenting all of the ELA standards for a particular grade level. The L.I. RBERN comparison is organized by standard across grade levels to provide an at-a-glance view of the vertical progression of skills. This is especially useful for teachers of ELLs as well as others who are working with students in multiple grade levels.
  • The L.I. RBERN version has an additional column that summarizes the similarities and differences between the standards as well as a column that contains an analysis of the content of both CCLS and NGLS for omissions and additions.
  • For the reading standards, words are highlighted to show how the Reading for Information (RI) and Responding to Literature (RL) standards were merged in the revised Grade Level Standards.

These documents are the result of a tremendous amount of teamwork by the Long Island RBERN staff.  We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of Bonnie O’Neill, Paschalia Parpounas, Kelley Cordeiro, Denise McAuliffe, Heather Parris-Fitzpatrick and Gaetano Vaccaro.  The passion and skill of the L.I. RBERN Resource Specialists along with their dedication to improving education and outcomes of the English Language Learner population is boundless.

Christa Stevenson, Director

Long Island Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network


L.I. RBERN's CCLS-NGLS Crosswalk Comparison

This document contains the crosswalk comparisons of the Common Core and Next Generation Learning Standards.