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Recommended Books

This list was compiled through conversations with PLC groups and BOCES organizations across New York State. 

Click the links below to access Book Recommendations:


Cultural and Social Awareness Titles:

These book titles will allow you to gain a working understanding of how culture impacts identity, lifestyle, and experiences. Moreover, as we read these titles we build an awareness of cultures which enables us to empathize and connect to our students, families, and colleagues with a deeper level of understanding. Ultimately, these titles allow us to grow personally as well as professionally. 

DEI Leadership Book Recommendations

These book titles are useful for leaders to build knowledge and understanding of issues, policies, frameworks, history, and practices surrounding diversity, equity and inclusivity. As leaders your learning and understanding is paramount to being able to support your school community. These titles will enable you to determine what you fully understand and then consider areas you need to be supported in. In addition, some of these titles are great to use as a book study. Learning together is better than learning in isolation.

Equity Advocacy Titles

These book titles highlight equity issues surrounding diversity and inclusivity. Each title teaches and extrapolates both historical and personal experiences giving a rich authentic insight into policies, conflicts, and solutions around equity.