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Eastern Suffolk BOCES meets the needs of its numerous districts by providing safe, efficient, and economical transportation. Cost of transportation is prorated among all the districts sharing the total cost of each service. Eastern Suffolk BOCES has a professional, accommodating staff to intervene and resolve all issues/ problems relating to student transportation.

Eastern Suffolk BOCES offers many services, designed to improve safety awareness and ensure compliance with regulatory agencies such as the NY State Education Department, NY State Department of Motor Vehicles, and the NY State Department of Transportation. Programs, courses, training, and testing are provided to transportation supervisors, drivers, monitors, and attendants. Additionally, defensive driving and behavior management courses are offered for drivers, monitors, and attendants. Other transportation services available to the districts are safety and training courses; drug and alcohol testing; driver, monitor, and attendant physicals; driver abstract provision; point insurance reduction; and driver, monitor, and attendant file audits.

In addition, BOCES provides a service to determine whether an area is a Child Safety Zone. BOCES conducts an in-depth analysis of conditions under which walking to and from school may endanger the safety of a child. Using specific DOT guidelines, BOCES determines whether the area qualifies as a Child Safety Zone. With Shared Management, BOCES provides a Transportation Professional to manage a district’s transportation operation on an interim basis.

Joseph Lesnick
Transportation Administrator