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Health and Safety Specialist

Districts that sign up for the In-District Health and Safety Specialist Program are accommodated at a higher level of service. The Health and Safety Specialist will report directly to the school district and coordinate the District Health and Safety Program. All requested awareness training is provided on-site by the Specialist.  This also allows for the training of new employees as they are hired without having to wait for the Basic Service scheduled training workshops. Direct assistance with writing and updating written plans including Safety Data Sheet compilation and recordkeeping is provided. Additionally, we will assist with any health and safety matter on an “as contracted” basis.

Accordingly, the level of service purchased will have a direct effect upon the amount of services that are accomplished over a given year (i.e., one day a week service can accomplish more than a twice monthly visit).  The service period could range from a minimum of one-half day per week up to a maximum of three days per week, depending upon the needs of the district. At a minimum, you must be a part of the ROSH Basic Service to access a Specialist.