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Shear Delight at ICC Preschool

Shear Delight at ICC Preschool

Early Childhood Education Classes Welcome Suffolk County Farm Program

"Shearly Delightful" was an engaging and enriching event hosted at the Islip Career Center (ICC) Early Childhood Education Program, facilitated by educators from Suffolk County Farm. This event aimed to introduce preschoolers enrolled in the program to the world of sheep, wool, and yarn while providing a hands-on and multisensory learning experience. ICC’s Early Childhood course is designed to prepare students for careers as teachers or childcare providers in early childhood education. The students work inside a real preschool at ICC, providing them with direct, hands-on work experience with children. 

Throughout the “Shearly Delightful” Program, the preschoolers immersed themselves in an educational journey, beginning with a storytelling session that brought the subject matter to life. The narrative not only entertained but also fostered listening comprehension skills among the young participants.

The event's hands-on activities were designed to stimulate the children's curiosity and engagement. Crafting sessions allowed them to create take-home crafts using wool. The highlight of the day was the opportunity for the children to interact with a real sheep. This encounter not only fascinated the children but also stimulated their senses, allowing them to use sight, touch, and even smell to explore and understand the nature of sheep, wool, and yarn.

ICC's Early Childhood Education students played a pivotal role in facilitating this educational experience. They assisted the preschoolers in absorbing information about sheep, emphasizing the process of carding wool. Through hands-on guidance, the students helped the young learners understand how wool is processed and prepared for use in creating woolen cloth. This collaborative effort not only enhanced the preschoolers' understanding but also allowed ICC students to exercise their teaching skills and impart knowledge effectively.