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Decision-Making Exercise Incorporates Social-Emotional Learning

Decision-Making Exercise Incorporates Social-Emotional Learning

A fun STEM activity demonstrates the impact of decisions

Art, Design, and Visual Communication students recently took a break from their usual lessons to engage in an activity that spotlights the decision-making process and how choices have consequences.

Math Academic Teacher Allison Polizzo visited the Art class where she led a discussion about decisions and how their repercussions can be far reaching. This exercise is part of the social-emotional learning that the Academy incorporates into its curriculum.

To highlight her point, Polizzo broke the class up into small groups of students and had them use dried spaghetti and mini marshmallows to build the tallest structures possible.

“This is an enjoyable STEM project where students reflect on the process of decision making, which is not just applicable in school, but throughout life,” she said.

In the presentation prior to the activity, Polizzo outlined the six steps to decision making, which includes the following:

·         Define the issue

·         Gather information

·         Develop alternatives

·         Analyze the consequences

·         Make the decision

·         Consider feedback and evaluate

Students soon learn through the tower-building process that a stable base is crucial to balance any structure with height. “They work together and realize that the decisions they make early in the process will affect its outcome,” Pollizo said.

The Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology, referred to as the Academy, is the Career and Technical Education Program of Eastern Suffolk BOCES and has locations in Bellport, Oakdale, and Riverhead. Bixhorn Tech is located on the Bellport campus.

three students working on the project
three students working on project