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"Its okay to have a Meh day"

"Its okay to have a Meh day"

New Mental Health Awareness Initiative at Brookhaven Learning Center

Dylan, a 15-year-old student at Brookhaven Learning Center (BLC), wants everyone to know “It’s okay to have a Meh day.”  With help from his classroom teacher Ms. Dorothy O’Donohoe, BLC Social Worker Robin Wolpert, and BLC Speech Therapist Holly Campanelli, Dylan has turned his “Meh Day” idea into a school-wide movement.

The dictionary defines “Meh” as expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm. “It’s okay to have a Meh day” began in the winter of 2022. Dylan was having difficulty on Wednesdays because he had gym class and aftercare – two things he was not fond of. Knowing he can have a “Meh Day”, not necessarily good or bad, and still have a productive day, has changed Dylan’s behavior in the most positive ways. He is now helping to teach gym class, doing all of his activities, and earning time on the iPad in aftercare. Dylan wants to help other students turn their behavior from negative to positive with the “Meh Day” initiative.

Now, each Wednesday at BLC, students and staff wear T-shirts designed and created by Dylan’s class to let everyone know that even on a day when you aren’t feeling your best, you can still have a positive day by using your coping skills to stay calm and safe. Also, each month, teachers have a video lesson they can use, hosted by Dylan, where he talks to their students about mental health awareness, and fun, printable activities accompany these lessons.