• Training in the Needs of Children with Autism

    This workshop will fulfill the NYSED requirement for
    Classroom Teaching Certification  in all areas of Special Education
    Tuesday April 22, 2017NYSED Training In Autism Spectrum Disorders   Presented by Claudia Bonavita- This is taking place at the Instructional Support Center in Holbrook.  
    NOTE:  Money order in the amount of $75 (non-subscribers) $50 (subscribers) for this 3-hour certification training must be received by us within seven business days from your registration date in order to reserve your seat.
     MONEY ORDER made payable to: "Eastern Suffolk BOCES - Coser 531"
    Hand deliver or mail a signed copy of your MLP enrollment form (does not need district approval) along with your money order to:
    Attention: Beth Baiz
    Eastern Suffolk BOCES
    15 Andrea Road
    Holbrook, NY 11741
    **If you decide to mail your money order, we suggest to track it for your records**

    To register for these trainings, please visit http://webreg.esboces.org  
    To register for these trainings, you will need a MyLearningPlan account.  You may easily sign up for an account even if you are not associated with a Long Island school district.  You can follow these webreg directions.

    If you are not associated with a Long Island District, when you go to register at http://webreg.esboces.org, depending on where you live/work, you will need to select one of the following:

    • Private Suffolk
    • Private Nassau, OR
    • Private NYC
    If you have registration questions, contact our Senior Office Applications Specialist, Beth Baiz at ebaiz@esboces.org 
    If you have any content related questions, contact the Program Administrator, Bernadette Gentile at bgentile@esboces.org